Completed/ongoing Projects:

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Projects in detail:

  • Geoscience Information management & Groundwater modelling support -
    Geological Survey of Victoria
    (Earth Resources Development, Department of State Development, Business and Innovation); Investigating unconventional gas prospectivity (2014/2015)
  • GIS assessment and feasibility study - Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    Needs Assessment for a Web GIS-based Information Platform - Afghan National Government Kabul (2015)
  • Defining spatial representations of the determinants for eating behaviours and physical activity with the focus on health and physical neighbourhood environment; Geocoding, spatial analysis and spatial database management (SqlServer); Network analysis based on state-wide facility and enhanced transportation data; School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Health, Deakin University, Melbourne (2013)
  • Marine Spatial Planning Support (CI/French marine protected area agency) within NC's EEZ (2012/2013); Forest Change detection in New Caledonia's Northern Province; Corridor design NC-South; Deer/Pig control analysis - Province Nord (2012/2013)
  • Corridor analysis, Reforestation prioritisation in New Caledonia for Conservation International (2011/2012)
  • Consultant Data Management for Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), Kabul, Afghanistan; Support to the Preparation of the Uruzgan Province Agriculture Development Strategy; Capacity Building; Spatial Analysis, data preparation and management; Landcover mapping; Development of Province capacities (Uruzgan Office), 2011.
  • Mapping Ecosystem Services for New Caledonia under facilitation of Conservation International (2011)
  • Delineation of Key Biodiversity Areas in New Caledonia, complementing the Ecosystem Profile of the country, facilitated by Conservation International, for the NC Government and other partners (2010/11)
  • GIS Adviser at the Management and Information Systems Unit of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), Kabul, Afghanistan. GIS System Integration (ArcServer/SqlServer), Web mapping and Capacity Building (Spatial Analysis) within the Agricultural and Rural Development Cluster; Facilitation of community development and project planning/monitoring using GIS decision support and Remote Sensing (2009-11)
  • Capacity Building 'Spatial Information & Remote Sensing' at Libyan Environment General Authority, Tripoli (via UQ-Uniquest, Brisbane, July 2009)
  • Community Maps for the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program (TKCP, Papua New Guinea), under Conservation International, KfW and Woodlands Park Zoo (2009)
  • Ecosystem Services Mapping New Caledonia, (Demonstration sites of integrated conservation and development planning in Melanesian land and sea scapes) CI/CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems (2008/09)
  • Delineation of Key Biodiversity Areas in Melanesia & Habitat mapping, Technical support for Conservation International, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems (2007/08)
  • GIS tool development for Translink, Department of Transport, Brisbane (2007)
  • GIS application development computing the Land Use and Public Transportation Accessibility Index (LUPTAI), Department of Transport, Brisbane (2006/07)
  • Monitoring Agricultural Practices using MODIS imagery, Time Series Analysis, Department of Natural Resources and Water, Brisbane (2005 - 2006)
  • Tutoring study courses "Geographic Information and Analysis", University of Queensland (2005/2006)
  • Agricultural Sector Planning & Development, Sedentary Farming Systems Project in Brong-Ahafo, Ghana, West Africa (GTZ/DED/Ministry of Agriculture) (2000 - 2003)
  • Field Research, Mapping, GIS Capacity Building, Soil Research Institute, Kumasi, Ghana (1996; 2000)
  • Soil & Vegetation mapping, Developing veg. indicators for forest top soils (Field Research); GIS integration of farm yield estimation data (based on hyperspectral imagery),
    Leibnitz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Muencheberg, Germany (1999)
  • Landscape conservation management plan for the City of Bamberg, Germany (1998)

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